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September 2015 Contents: Top Doctors

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September 2015 Volume 50, Number 12

Cover Story

Top Doctors

1,900 area physicians, across 39 specialties, whom other doctors trust the most.

Edited by Paul O’Donnell.


Don Shipley’s Special Ops

Inside the world of the YouTube sensation who hunts down Navy SEAL imposters. By Michael J. Gaynor.

My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Horses, elephants, and checkbooks—oh my! Local vendors all want a piece of these million-dollar-plus affairs. By Emily Codik.

Party Down

Having fun with ten of Washington’s best-dressed—and picking up style tips along the way. By Sarah Zlotnick.

50th Anniversary

A half century of politics, ambition, and history on the Mall.

In Every Issue

Capital Comment

Marion Barry’s missing headstone . . . How cultural institutions woo millennials . . . After disappearing for five years, Adrian Fenty is back . . . Catholic Washington sights the pope should see.

Where & When

Performances, exhibits, and other events worth your time this month.

Behind the Scenes

The $3,000 view from the Capella hotel’s rooftop.

First Person

Walking DC’s streets and seeing ghosts.


Interview: The “free-range mom” on how controversy changed her.
Washington Read: A sportswriter tries to recapture the Redskins’ glory days.
Media: Tommy McFly of 94.7-FM will give you his cell number and deliver your dinner.


More style than substance at Centrolina, deep-fried pleasures at Barrel & Crow, Travis Croxton’s new seafood outpost, Washington’s first Saudi restaurant, six great bakeries, fried chicken, and more.


Beauty: The big business of blowouts, plus how to make them last—including with Botox injections.
Wineries Five of our favorite Virginia wineries.


Interior Intel A look inside a lottery winner’s high-tech Arlington penthouse, plus how to add smart technology to your home.
Best of Logan Circle and U Street Three ways to explore the vibrant DC neighborhoods.
Off the Market: The month’s most expensive house sales.
Pets: A puppy died while staying at a dog daycare facility. Who’s to blame?