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October 2015 Contents: 50 Years in Washington

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October 2015 Volume 51, Number 1

Cover Story

50 Years in Washington

From the birth of the Beltway to the rebirth of 14th Street, how modern Washington happened.


Joe Theismann’s Big Break

A gruesome football injury—on live TV—transfixed the region. An oral history featuring some unlikely guest stars. By Luke Mullins.

Our First Celebrity Chef

This was a dull food town. Then Jean-Louis arrived. By Luke Jerod Kummer.

The Highway That Didn’t Happen

A 1969 plan would have demolished some of DC’s most charming neighborhoods. Meet the folks who stopped it. By Harry Jaffe.

The Exorcism of William Peter Blatty

The man behind Washington’s most infamous horror movie is 87 and lives in Bethesda. And he has a story to tell.. By Eddie Dean.

Between Nixon and Reagan

Nicholas von Hoffman on Washington’s grimiest era—and what we can learn from it.

From the Archives

Five great reads from the magazine’s last 50 years.

In This Issue

My Favorite Year

Prominent locals talk about their glory days.

Then and Now

The evolving look of everyday life.

Local Landmarks, RIP

Washington eating through time…50 years in stats.

Back in the Day

Remember your first salary? Your monthly rent? These Washingtonians do.

Local Legends

A photo essay of 22 people who helped make Washington tick.

Where Would They Live?

Real estate in 1965 and today.

Let’s Do Lunch

A history of the magazine in lunches.

Where & When

Performances, exhibits, and other events worth your time this month.


Meticulous cooking from chef Rob Weland in Barracks Row…throwback dishes at Michael Schlow’s new Dupont Circle spot…fine dining on an unexpected stretch of Rhode Island Avenue…a Chinese dumpling outpost in Chantilly…destination dishes… and more.


Social Shopping How local e-tailers and shoppers are using Instagram.
Fitness Which of Washington’s two luxe gyms is right for you?
Itinerary The best of Del Ray’s quirky shops and eateries.


Kitchen Makeovers How five homeowners transformed their kitchens. Plus—resources for redoing your own.
Off the Market! The month’s most expensive home sales.
Pets She wanted another dog after Bexley died. Was it too soon?