8 Photos You Must Take on Your Wedding Day

Expert advice from Michael Bennett Kress of MBK Photography.

Throughout your wedding day, there will be a million special moments–the first time you see your fiance, the teary speech from your parents, your adorable flower girl’s smile–but you’ll never remember it all without some help.

That’s why booking a great photographer who knows how to capture those moments is crucial. With a gifted photographer’s assistance, you’ll be able to look back on and recall all of the highlights of your wedding day for forever. To find out what some of those can’t-miss moments are, we asked Michael Bennett Kress–a second-generation Washingtonian who has photographed over 500 weddings–of MBK Photography to share his top eight must-take photos, taken from real weddings he’s photographed.

1. A touching moment with a parent.

“These early wedding moments are sweet, touching family moments that happen naturally but don’t last long,” says Kress.

2. A candid of the bride and groom.

Kress says he looks for “a genuine moment that is not posed.”

3. Walking down the aisle.

“Precious parent moments that occur before the wedding ceremony are so important,” says Kress.

4. Overall perspective of the ceremony.

“These images give the view a feeling of what the ceremony felt like,” says Kress.

5. Exiting the ceremony.

“This is always one of my favorite images because all the excitement of the day is wrapped up in this moment, and you can see it on the bride and groom’s faces as pure joy,” says Kress.

6. Entering the reception for the first dance.

Kress makes sure to snap photos during the bride and groom’s reception entrance, as “it’s now time to share all that excitement they feel with all their guests.”

7. Toasting the couple.

“These are always the most emotional moments of the reception and are usually fun and personal,” says Kress.

8. The father-daughter dance.

“Moments that parents have to be with their kids on these days are truly cherished,” says Kress.

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