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IKEA’s New Collection Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

IKEA’s New Collection Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted
All photos via IKEA

IKEA has teamed up with Swedish designer Ingegerd Råman, known for her streamlined ceramic and glass work, on a new collection that is chic enough for city living, but imbued with a rustic vibe. Casual and inviting—and made using traditional methods—the Viktigt Collection‘s woven baskets, shades, and furniture would fit in easily in a concrete-floored loft, on a suburban brick patio, or in the breakfast nook of townhouse. And their glass and ceramic pieces easily rival those $48 coffee mugs popping up at boutiques across the country—for a quarter of the price. Here are some of our favorite looks and pieces from the collection:

Pendant lamp shade, .99
Pendant lamp shade, $34.99


Chair, $139




Basket, $17.99


Pitcher, $9.99


Rug, $29.99




Hanging planters, $24.99


Photo via IKEA.



Chair, $49

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