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Park Wars: The Quarterfinals, Yards Park v. Burke Lake

Park Wars: The Quarterfinals, Yards Park v. Burke Lake


Park Wars Quarterfinals: Yards Park v. Burke Lake

Yards Park sailed through its first round pairing, routing Bladensburg Waterfront and grabbing 84% of the popular vote. The margin of victory was unrivaled throughout the competition, a testament to the rehabilitation of the Anacostia River and the bald eagles (!!!) who call its banks home. Unrivaled until yesterday, that is. Because yesterday Burke Lake ran away from Palisades Spray Park with 96.8% of the vote and 100% of Palisades Spray’s pride, the largest margin of victory in the long (okay, 8 days) history of Park Wars.

Now, these titans of waterfront park majesty face-off. To help you cast your vote, please turn your attention to these promotional videos.

Burke Lake

“I come to Burke Lake because it’s fun to play Frisbee golf. It’s free.” —Pat Gidders, disc-golf player and Burke Lake enthusiast.

Yards Park

“The boardwalk is the closest you can get to the river without getting your feet wet.” —Lacey, Marketing and Program Manager for Yards Park, subtly reminding guests that it’s still inadvisable to swim in the river.

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