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Photos from Washingtonian and CityCenterDC’s Fig & Olive Luncheon

An influential group of DC women gathered for a luncheon to hear the latest about CityCenterDC.

Photos from Washingtonian and CityCenterDC’s Fig & Olive Luncheon
Washingtonian’s Cathy Merrill Williams and CityCenterDC‘s Timothy Lowery held a luncheon on Thursday, May 26 at Fig & Olive for an influential group of DC women. Attendees heard the latest about CityCenter and their exciting next phase, met some of Washington’s top brand ambassadors, and enjoyed Champagne at Dior after lunch.
All photos by Daniel Swartz. 
Timothy Lowery and Susan Lacz.
DSC_4732a copy
Kimberly Klein, Jennifer Haber, Kerry Troup, and Gwen Holliday.
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Cathy Merrill Williams and Marla Beck.
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Gloria Dittus talks with guests during lunch.
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Fig & Olive served attendees a delicious salad with grilled chicken.
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Influential DC women hear about CityCenterDC’s exciting next phase over lunch.
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Brandy Butler, Whitney Burns, and Washingtonian’s Sarah Zlotnick.
DSC_4795 copy
Timothy Lowery of CityCenterDC welcomes guests to the luncheon.
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Several CityCenter stores provided take-home items for guests.
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Kirsten Pollin converses with other guests during the luncheon.
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Jennifer Haber and Kimberly Klein.
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Gwen Holliday, Britlan Malek, Whitney Burns, and Angie Goff.
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Delectable appetizers by Fig & Olive.