Forget Cake Pops: Here Are The Big Wedding Treat Trends Of 2018

From marshmallows to marzipan, confectioners and bakers are unleashing their creativity.
Forget Cake Pops: Here Are The Big Wedding Treat Trends Of 2018
Photography by Jeff Elkins . Styling by Hayley Garrison Phillips.

Tea Cakes

Tea cake–inspired lemon biscuit with a hint of lavender; $8 each at Four Seasons Washington, DC.

Rosé Anything

Rosé-infused, rose-shaped gummies; $3 for a tasting packet at Sugarfina.


Bourbon toffee studded with salty toasted pecan pieces; $12.95 for a box at Fleurir Chocolates.


Meringue with dried pineapple, mango, and basil garnish; $5 at Four Seasons Washington, DC.


Shortbread squares with marbleized icing; $30 for 12 at Fluffy Thoughts Cakes.


Sweet-dough tart with vanilla cream, frangipane, and berries; $5.75 at Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop.

Marbled Macarons

Splattered macaron with strawberry-meringue buttercream filling; $24 for 12 at Fluffy Thoughts Cakes.

… And Chocolates

Molded chocolates with decorative splatter; $2.25 at Fleurir Chocolates.

Local Chocolate

Virginia peanut brittle covered with dark chocolate; $5.50 at Fleurir Chocolates.

Tropical Vibes

Dehydrated pineapple slices with a tropical crunch by Dardiman’s; $22 for two gift-boxed bags at Dean & DeLuca.


Golden straws of yellow star-thistle honey by Savannah Bee Company; $7.50 for 12 at Dean & DeLuca.

Custom Gummies

Tart gummy lemon slices with real fruit juice; $3.50 for a four-ounce bag at Society Fair.

Edible Flowers

Blackberry Champagne organic lollipop with edible flowers; $3 at Twinkle Bakery.

Not-So-Basic Marshmallows

Chocolate–dipped mocha marshmallow; $5 for four at the Candy Drawer Confectionary.


S’mores bonbon with smoky salted caramel; $3.75 each at the Candy Drawer Confectionary.


Lime-basil, raspberry, and pineapple-flavored miniature meringues; $3.55 for a box of 15 at Tout De Sweet Pastry Shop.

Fine Dining-Fancy

Crisp mini tartlet layered with cinnamon-caramelized bananas; $6 each at Four Seasons Washington, DC.

Cotton Candy

Floral-favored “Queen Bee” cotton candy with honey; $30 for six jars at Fluffness.

Krispy Rice Bars

Krispy rice bar with chocolate and sprinkles; $3 each at Twinkle Bakery.


Nougatine bar with caramelized almond and sugar and dark chocolate; $4 for a bag of five at Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop.

… Anything To Do With Doughnuts

Colorful handcrafted marzipan “doughnuts” with almonds and sugar and topped with nonpareils; $7 each at Lolli and Pops.




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