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Photograph by Evy Mages

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Washingtonian Today is not just another political news roundup. Instead, this daily morning brief provides local context on national news, catches you up on what’s happening at Washingtonian, points you toward super duper awesome things to do around town, and lets you in on some special events going on in-house. Sign up here to receive Washingtonian Today in your inbox every morning.

Hello and happy October, Washington! What a wonderful morning in the District of Columbia. Be prepared for tons of water-cooler chatter in your office today about how September “just flew by” and how the new year is “right around the corner.” My recommendation: brush up on your weather and season based platitudes during your commute. According to my best* friends the Capital Weather Gang, we should expect crisp morning air to transition over to sunny, blue skies for most of the day. Doesn’t this weather make you want to bundle up in a scarf from Union Market, sip a piping hot arequipe latte from Juan Valdez, and stare bitterly at happy tourists as they stroll through the street? No? Just me then? OK.

If you prefer to ring in the change of the seasons in a more Beltway fashion, why don’t you head over to Tortilla Coast today. The Capitol Hill stalwart is having a “beginning of the Fiscal Year” Fiesta, with topical offers such as a “marked up” margarita, “taxpayers tequila,” and a “cromnibus 2019.” I’d prefer a Senate Subway Sangria, but these under-$5 marvels will do.

Oh, if you see Air Force One around the National Harbor today, don’t be alarmed. Trump and crew aren’t gambling at the nearby MGM. According to our friends at DCist, a to-scale replica of the President’s 747 is due to ship into the harbor as part of an art exhibit. I wonder if they have the personalized M&Ms on board, too.

I’m beyond delighted that this daily morning brief can now be injected straight into your inboxes. (Sign up here to receive it every morning!) Washingtonian Today’s not just another political news roundup, though I am willing to write limericks based on news of the day. Instead, we’re going to provide local context on national news, catch you up on what’s happening at Washingtonian, point you toward super duper awesome things to do around town, and let you in on some special events going on in house. I only have a limited number of eyes and ears, though, so if you see or hear something cool, unusual, disturbing, or surprising around DC, please drop me a line at I respond to (nearly) every email, and if you’re lucky, I’ll write you an acrostic poem or something.

*Unconfirmed, but trust me, we’re all like, super buddies

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

  • You heard it here first, folks: DC-turned-national rapper Wale is performing with a pretty sizable crew at the newly opened Entertainment and Sports Arena in Congress Heights on Friday. Even better news: the tickets cost less than a Baked & Wired cakecup, and they go on sale this morning.
  • I was joined by staff photographer Evy Mages at Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing last Thursday. While I wandered around the Hill, trying to nail down why everyone in Washington seemed to feel so depressed, Evy snapped tons of poignant photos. Here’s her reporter’s notebook.
  • More resistance-based businesses are popping up around the city. First Eaton hotel, and now the Center for Contemporary Political Art. I don’t want to spoil the exhibit, but, uh, there are wooden carved dildos with Trump Administration figurines emblazoned on them. Worth a visit on your lunch break.
  • Need a drink (or five?) after last week’s newscycle? I don’t blame you. Need a vacation, too? Well, you’re in luck. A destination wedding themed pop-up bar on 14th Street will transport you to Vegas or Jackson Hole or anywhere far, far away while being in Uber-ing distance from home.
  • You don’t need to drink to let off some steam. I offered five alternative ways to de-stress. My personal favorite is screaming into the abyss after a particularly taxing workday. Just ask my now-hard-of-hearing colleagues.

Our pick for things to do around the District:

See the early 1980s concert film Urgh! A Music War at the Black Cat Backstage. The film features live footage from new wave and post-punk bands such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the Go-Go’s, Devo, Dead Kennedys, and more. Free, 8 PM (doors at 7:30 PM).

Good reads:

The #MeToo movement has made waves right here at home, ripping its way through our government in hopes to finally hold powerful men accountable. Ann Gerhart and Danielle Rindler of the Washington Post track whether those who have been accused of assault and abuse are still hanging on. (The Washington Post.)

Bill Scher read every single book written by a President’s (alleged) mistress, including Stormy Daniels‘s new release, Full Disclosure and not once does he mention Toad, so that’s nice. (Politico Magazine)

Essential long read:

Ashley Fetters examines the pure levity of “dad humor,” an innocent, pun-filled phenomena that may distract us from the less pleasant corners of life, even just for a little while, crocodile. (The Atlantic)

Big events from Washingtonian:

Washington, DC, isn’t that bad. In fact, I’d argue that some wonderful people keep this city afloat. Do you happen to know one of those people? Do them a kindness and nominate them for Washingtonian of the Year.

Look, at least one of you guys has to like where you work. I know this through statistics, and, like, science and stuff. Submit your office into Best Places to Work so you can humble-brag on Facebook. Think of the wow reacts!

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