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Washingtonian Today: Arlington Rebuilds After Cheesecake Chaos

Photograph by Evy Mages

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People absolutely lost their minds at the Clarendon Cheesecake Factory yesterday. I’m serious. A free slice of cheesecake promotion sent the restaurant into sheer pandemonium, resulting in paramedics and police on the scene and one arrest. Listen to The Godfather, people: Leave the gun. Take the cheesecake.

Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau adds important context:

Something you may have missed: Did you know that some presidents have funeral trains? Mike Allen goes into detail about the late George H.W. Bush‘s, which was painted to resemble Air Force One, in this morning’s Axios AM.

Would you like to know what Ann Limpert looks like? Sorry, that information is classified. But you can chat with her Friday at 11 AM. Leave our food critic a question now.

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What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss‘s Belletrist named your favorite nerdy 3 AM haunt Kramerbooks its bookstore of the month. Preiss will interview Patricia Miller at Kramer’s tonight.

• Here’s how a local cookbook author is trying to teach residents about Yemeni cuisine.

• The inside story of how the “Khashoggi Way” sign came down.

• Shine bright like a diamond and dress with some pizzaz with these four tips to shake up your winter wardrobe.

• He started training in his apartment’s laundry room once on parole. Now, Trell the Trainer gets clients—including Pusha T—ripped.

• These local businesses are changing DC’s beauty industry.

• Wednesday’s print edition of the Washington Post took an “L” when it up-charged subscribers for a paper with some misprints.

Our pick for things to do around town:

BOOKS: The cakes and treats from Red Truck Bakery in Marshall, Virginia, are legendary and have famous fans like Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. If ordering from the bakery’s online store is no longer enough (we get it—we dream about their Shenandoah apple cake), try making your own with the new Red Truck Bakery Cookbook: Gold-Standard Recipes from America’s Favorite Rural Bakery. Red Truck head honcho (and former Washington Post art director) Brian Noyes will be at One More Page Books to talk food and sign the book; of course, there will also be baked goods to taste. Free, 6:30 PM.

Good reads:

Here are Washington Post readers’ favorite cookie recipes. (Washington Post)

Big events from Washingtonian

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