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The Best Photos From Our Morning Newsletter in 2018

The Best Photos From Our Morning Newsletter in 2018
Photograph by Evy Mages

Every weekday morning Brittany Shepherd’s Washingtonian Today newsletter rounds up the stories that Washington is talking about. Evy Mages’s photos atop each post sometimes correspond with the news but almost always capture the mood around town. We planned Evy’s piece of this post as a place for her visual diary, the sights she captures around Washington while she goes about her day job. As the guy who puts the pieces together each morning (please subscribe!), I’m lucky enough to help Evy choose each day’s photo. Here are a few of my favorites.

August 10

December 13

September 17

August 28

October 12

December 19

November 7

October 11

November 28

October 24




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