A Modern Hotel Wedding With a Classic DC Twist

Check out this light and airy wedding that took place last year at the modern Line Hotel.

Krista Klotter and Caleb Hargett’s hotel venue helped set the tone for their wedding that took place last year. They held both their ceremony and reception at the chic Adams Morgan Line hotel and it was filled with contemporary, but classic details. “The hotel itself is an old church that has been transformed into a modern hotel,” the couples says, adding that the space features pieces of the historical church throughout, such as the hanging chandelier made from old organ pipes, the hymn signs which double as directional signage, and old pews used as benches (or ceremony seating). It created the perfect aesthetic for their June celebration where they chose to decorate with a timeless color scheme of light blues and creamy whites accented with and pops of yellow and metallics, to complement their unique venue. “We really used The Line to guide our decisions for the wedding,” says the couple. Check out their big day below.

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The Custom Invitations

The couple’s custom invitations, which were designed by Dina Riddle, incorporated “the modern and geometric styling of the hotel.” Krista and Caleb worked with Dina to create a wedding motif, which was used on not only their invites, but their seating chart, photo booth, and other wedding-day signage, too.

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography0965_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography0905_big

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1073_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1169_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1090_big

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1033_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography0938_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1153_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography5485_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography5594_big

How They Met & Got Engaged

The pair met at a music festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion back in 2013. Krista was hanging with a bunch of her girlfriends when she saw a “super cute guy” back in the crowd. “[I] stared at him until he came and talked to me,” Krista says, adding that they hit it off immediately and spent the rest of the day together. Caleb was living in Newport News, Virginia at the time, but the two managed to stay in touch and the rest is pretty much history. They dated long distance for two-and-a-half years until Caleb made the move up to the DC area. He later proposed just before Memorial Day weekend in 2018.

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1664_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1674_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1686_big

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1601_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1657_big

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1349_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1314_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1334_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1481_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1506_big

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography6013_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography1370_big

The Couple’s Best Wedding Planning Advice

“Don’t feel like you need to have your entire vision ready immediately,” says Krisa. “As you make each decision, the overall vision slowly comes into clarity as you get closer to the final day. (I made a haphazard vision board a few months into planning and that board looks nothing like our final wedding and I’m so happy for it.)”

“And, if you don’t really know what your vision is – definitely look to your venue for inspiration,” says the couple.


Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2325_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2236_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2230_big


The Wedding Decor

The couple added a little bit of glam to their decorated table tops with gold chairs and tall gold centerpieces that created a focal point for their florals. The latter, they said, “served as the backdrop for the ceremony and were re-purposed as centerpieces on the four tables that framed the dance floor.”

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2443_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2379_big

Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2394_big
Hargett_Hargett_Angelika Johns Photography_TheLineHotelWashingtonDCWeddingAngelikaJohnsPhotography2392_big

The Details:

Photographer: Angelika Johns Photography | Venue: The Line Hotel | Event Planner: Meg Planning | Floral Design: Love Blooms | Invitations: Dina Riddle | Makeup Artist: Caitlin Durney | Hair Stylist: Mindy Mykietyn | Bride’s Attire: Kelly Faetanini from The Bridal Room | Groom’s Attire: Indochino | Bridesmaids’ Attire: Jenny Yoo | Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux | Video: Sok Vision | Music/Entertainment: Blue Dot Jazz Troupe (cocktail hour music); Premier DJ Services (DJ); DC Photobooth (photo booth)

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