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Washingtonian and Salesforce Gathered Tech Titans to Discuss Upcoming Tech Trends

Tech Titans talked about implications of the pandemic and how they can innovate a better future.

Washingtonian hosted an interactive roundtable discussion on Thursday, December 9 with some of the area’s Tech Titans who represent a diverse range of technology backgrounds and have been challenged by the pandemic. The conversation looked closely at the upcoming trends that are imminent for the technology sector and how companies can prepare for them. 

Salesforce’s Vice President of Federal Government Affairs & Public Policy Hugh Gamble welcomed everyone to the conversation and explained the importance of the topic, especially after a year that forced the industry to create modern solutions to unexpected problems. “We’re at an inflection point of technology playing a heightened role in each of our lives,” said Gamble. “It’s important [to talk] about how we as a society have leveraged technology to respond to an unexpected crisis.”

Check out some of the conversation’s highlights:

  • Byte Back’s Elizabeth Lindsey spoke on the limitations of tech, and how nationwide broadband adaptation might be the next step: “If we’re serious about having a real recovery of an economy that is equal across the board, the government needs to support broadband and training to adults of all ages.”
  • Buddy Rizer from Loudoun County Economic Development agreed: “It’s about having that same access to broadband as you have to electricity and water, because you’re talking about a social and educational gap that’s just widening.”
  • Chandler Morse of Workday talked about the future of better workforce development, especially as it relates to pandemic legislation. He mentions how data sharing is needed for people to identify what skills are required in a moving economy. You can view the whole clip by clicking here
  • EverFi’s Tom Davidson used his congressional background to speak largely on the importance states have to solve issues relating to training and education. He explains that the states are currently making localized decisions on education, when there’s the ability for one company to build nationwide initiatives that will power initiatives across the country. You can view the whole clip by clicking here.
  • Julia Spicer of the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association spoke on the prevalent perception issue surrounding the tech industry: “If you step away and look at who is creating the wealth right now and … social media, all create perception issues around tech that might overshadow the more positive growth on the commercial side.”
  • Interfolio’s Andrew Rosen spoke about how organization needs at the forefront when developing future technology: “Organization is the key to keeping existing businesses together, cohesive and on a mission. There currently isn’t leadership at an infrastructure level helping to get things organized and create standards.” 

Thank you to Salesforce for making this event possible!

Click below to view the fill video from this roundtable conversation:

Travis Wolfe
Manager, Events & Marketing