Put a Virus on Your Christmas Tree with These Covid-Themed Ornaments

If for some reason you want to remember this year, order a memento for your tree soon!

It’s been a rough year. Why not memorialize 2020 in a Covid Christmas ornament? (Hmm….I can think of many reasons not to.) Tons of online crafters and vendors have made tree décor with all sorts of Covid-19-related designs. Here’s a few that stuck out.

Okay, Covid is scary enough—so let’s add eyes! Make it a bit more personable. $15.99 on Amazon.

Now this is a message I can get behind: Wipe my ass, 2020! $14.95 on Etsy.

This Covid Christmas ornament probably sums up the year more accurately: 2020 wiped its ass with us. Thank God it’s personalized. $17.90 on Etsy.

Looking at this one for too long is making my skin itch, so maybe that’s the point? $19.99 on Etsy.

The Covid Christmas ornament has warmer eyes than these actual humans, but I’d rather zombie stare at this ornament than my actual Zoom meetings. $32.32 on Etsy.

Covid Christmas ornaments

This sparkly infection comes in multiple colors so everyone in your household can get one! The ornament, I mean. $21.42 on Etsy.

This tracks—Saint Nick best enter the house with a face mask or not at all. $16.79 on Etsy.

More toilet paper, but make it Christmas-y. $12.99 at The Holiday Shoppe.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been turned into many, many items, from bobbleheads to prayer candles—and now, a Christmas ornament. I hope someone stuffs this one in his sock this year. $14.39 at

Rosa is a senior editor at Bitch Magazine. She’s written for Washingtonian and Smithsonian magazine.