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June 2021: Sex & The Pandemic

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Dance Dance Revolution

The Washington Ballet’s Nardia Boodoo at National Cathedral. Photograph courtesy of Alex Kramer/Washington Ballet.

With a raft of Instagram followers and a modeling contract, the Washington Ballet’s Nardia Boodoo is as close as it gets to a pop celeb in the rarefied world of ballet. Now she’s trying to make that world face up to its past and present racism. By Mary Scott Manning.

The Diplomat Who Became A Troll

Photographs by Jeff Elkins

For more than a decade, the employees of a DC think tank were traumatized by an unlikely harasser: a career Foreign Service officer. In hundreds of emails and voice-mails, he called them “Arab American terrorist murderers.” Yet there was almost nothing they could do. By Britt Peterson.

Bringin’ Sexy Back


Whether we’re single or attached, our sex lives wanted for a lot during the pandemic. Yet somehow, we found ways to get it on, often with more creativity than ever before. By Daniella Byck, Rosa Cartagena, Mimi Montgomery, and Ellen O’Brien.


Photograph courtesy of Reagan National Airport.

Too Real?: A new novel uses the horrific “mansion murders” case to criticize the DC elite. By Rob Brunner. 

Deep DC Movies: The Washington area is an unlikely hotbed of nature-film producers. By Mimi Montgomery. 

Meet DC’s New CEO: That’s chief equity officer, and Amber Hewitt is the first person to hold the title in the District. By Daniella Byck. 

DC Urban Inequity?: A new study says a popular local website helps fuel education segregation. By Luke Mullins. 

Lose Election, Gain Think Tank: A brief history of out-of-power policy wonks. By Tevi Troy. 

Big Picture: National Cathedral’s new sculpture—Elie Wiesel. By Jane Recker. 


Photo by Jeff Elkins

Interview: Amanda Ripley on why our country needs to cultivate a different kind of conflict. By Michael Schaffer.

Cheat Sheet: On NPR’s 50th anniversary, a look back at the network’s evolution. By Andrew Beaujon.

The Washingtonologist: Our Beltway know-it-all solves your capital-city conundrums. By Washingtonian Staff.


Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

Beach Reads: Vacation-book recs from well-read Washingtonians. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Joe Biden’s Rehoboth: The eateries, shops, and haunts frequented by the First Couple. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Silver Lining: The pandemic (and its requisite masks) spurred a lot of adults to get braces. By Mimi Montgomery.


Pogiboy serves riffs on Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion and favorites from Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

New fast-casual spots jazzing up weekday lunch-es, the ten best things at the Cheesecake Factory, a tour of Washington’s international deli scene, and the innovative ways unemployed chefs and servers are selling food. By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, and Jessica Sidman.


Photographs by Ron Blunt.

In the Fresh Air: How a pair of creatives scored a historic farm-house on Craigslist, then transformed it. By Marisa M. Kashino.

The Briefing: Bloomingdale & Eckington: What’s new and where to go in these two vibrant DC spots.By Marisa M. Kashino.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Senator Angus King on riding his first motorcycle behind the Iron Curtain. As told to Justin Askenazy.