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PHOTOS: Washingtonian Top Lawyers 2022 Celebration

Top legal talent featured in our 2022 Top Lawyers list came together to celebrate their achievements

Photo by Evy Mages

Washingtonian celebrated the top legal talent featured on the 2022 Top Lawyers list on February 9th, 2023 at District Winery in Navy Yard. Throughout the evening, 200 guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and house-made wine from District Winery’s kitchen and bar. Beautiful flowers designed by Trebella Events LLC decorated the space and added a lively and colorful touch to the celebration. Guests also posed for custom “Top Lawyer” cover photos captured and printed onsite by Washington Talent Agency.

Guests enjoyed branded lounge spaces provided by our event sponsors, Chubb and Truist, which were adorned with custom pillows and flowers. The Truist team graciously raffled off branded swag, a bottle of champagne, and tickets to sit in the Terra Club at an upcoming Nationals game. 

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, Chubb and Truist, for making the event possible. 

Thank you again to our venue and vendor partners for the evening – District Winery and Trebella Events LLC.

Photographs by Evy Mages and Jeff Elkins.

Jonathan Puth, Darryl Franklin, Linda Correia, Carla Brown
Chubb sponsors Mitch Freedman, Rachel Williams, Donna Vail, Jessica Hunter, Kim Holmes, Jill Mauro, and Nona Sodhi enjoyed the Chubb lounge.
Truist sponsors Sunil Setia, Julian Collier, Ximena Brito, Evelyn Lee, Ben Thompson, Chad Gerber, and Keith Butt.
Patrick Taurel, Meg Hobbins, Becky Young, and Sandra Grossman
Julia Yolles, Stephanie Smith, and Jennifer Leffler pose with their custom cover photos by Washington Talent Agency.
Gorgeous flowers by Trebella Events LLC
Paige White, Joseph Cammarata, Allan Siegel, Peter Grenier
Truist raffled off tickets to the Nationals game and other prizes to event attendees.
Guests enjoyed District Winery’s outdoor deck on the warm February evening.
Erin Golding, Steve Metz, Cheryl Hepfer, Sandy Brooks
Anam Rahman, Scott Seguin, Ofelia Calderon
Dan Gray, David Ginsberg, Heather Cooper, Manuel Leiva
Allan Siegel, Peter Grenier
Julian Collier (Truist), Rusty Wright
Chubb sponsors Donna Vail, Kim Holmes, Jill Mauro, and Mitch Freedman
Jessica Markham, Nona Sodhi, Erin Golding
Truist Sponsors Chad Gerber and Sunil Setia
Cathy Williams, President and CEO of Washingtonian, with Truist sponsor Evelyn Lee.
Mike Nakamura
Chubb sponsors Rachel Williams, Jill Mauro, Nona Sodhi, Donna Vail
Erin Golding, Erin Copelman, Jessica Adler
Michelle Mendez, Cari Hourigan
Scott Seguin, Sherri Dalphonse (Washingtonian), Ofelia Calderon
Truist lounge complete with custom pillows and flowers from Trebella Events LLC.
Alice Haase, James Cottrell
Meg Hobbins, Kristin Henrickson
Raffle winner Jennifer McCammon
Cynthia Radomsky, Sonya Powell
Sarah Zimmerman, Marina Barannik
Paige White, Joe Cammarata                                 

Hannah Guy-Mozenter
Manager, Marketing & Events