DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Whether you’re a mini Martha or a crafting novice, we’ve got a fun (and easy, we promise!) DIY tablescape project for you.

By: Kim Forrest

The finished product. Photograph by Genevieve Leiper Photography

Slideshow: DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Step-by-Step Instructions 

If you saw our fall centerpiece roundup and wondered, “How the heck am I going to make something like that?,” we’ve got the answer. We asked Lucketts, Virginia, florist Holly Heider Chapple of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers to show us how to create a fall-themed centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. We swear it’s totally easy, and will absolutely impress your guests (even stuck-up Aunt Barbara). So put your arts-and-crafts hat on, and let’s get started.