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How Sydney Wears it: Switching It Up With a Plain White Tee

Go boho, girly, or classic simply by switching up your makeup, hair, and jewelry.

If there’s a single closet staple everyone should (and probably does) own, it’s the plain white T-shirt. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and molded to fit with most trends. It’s also the best blank canvas for those more interested in hair, makeup, and accessories than clothing. Using my own tee and a few handmade necklaces from the darling Georgetown shop Duo, I created three ways to shift your style without changing your shirt.


Nothing takes care of a bad-hair day like a colorful scarf. Complete your boho look with a few loose waves, natural makeup, and some statement beads.

Windsor scarf; Duo necklace ($80; call 202-652-0837).


A pretty braid, bright pink lipstick, and a colorful strand of beads will make pretty much anything look more feminine. Want to make more of a statement? Layer multiple strings.

Duo necklace ($85); Maybelline Fuchsia Fever lipstick.


Simplicity is key when going for a classic look. A bold red lip, a simple gold chain, and a sideswept ‘do create the perfect canvas for a on-trend spring skirt.

Duo necklace ($50); Nars Heat Wave lipstick.

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  • I like the blog information very informative blogthanks for sharing.

  • thecoattaileffect

    simple but chic! very easy to change up your white tee in a snap :P

  • Mcvargas90

    I'm soooo loving this look, you look GREAT.


  • Mara

    love all of these. the classic is, well...classic. it's my favorite look for sure, and one i wear most often. pretty pretty!

  • Tapakoy

    thanks for this Syd.

    White Tees are always my fave! :-)


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