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After Hours Items: The Best Links of the Week

Every Friday afternoon, we here at After Hours round up the best local links for entertainment and nightlife coverage from this week.

Kelly over at DCCAF gives the heads up on the 2007 DC Korean Film Festival that kicks off tonight at the Freer Sackler Gallery's Meyer Auditorium. She says, "Ladies: the Koreans really know how to do romance films (comedy or otherwise). So, if you're into sappy movies like The Notebook, you'll hit a jackpot with Korean mainstream films. And men: Koreans also really know how to do gangster movies and action flicks."

DCist has a hilarious take on the Onion's kick off party from last night. It's most an analysis of the stand up comedians that took the stage, and they note that "The Onion got to bask in the warm embrace of the assembled horn-rimoisie, who came specially kitted-out in only their very most ironical of tee-shirts. In return, the Onion provided the music and the comedy in an evening that felt more homey-casual than blowout."

Monica is about to enter the 48 Hour Film Contest tonight, and is having some serious butterflies—but I look forward to reading her sure-to-be hilarious recap of the weekend's events later on. The 48 Hour Film Project is a whirlwind event that asks dozens of teams of filmmakers to film a brief movie in, you guessed it, 48 hours. The group gives the teams a genre, a prop, a character and a line of dialogue—but what will happen is anyone's guess. 0The results will be screened from May 8 to May 11 at AFI Silver, and I'm going to be sure to check them out. Tickets could definitely sell out, so purchase yours early.

Want to buy a cute t-shirt and donate to a good cause? Try on a Rebuild Eastern Market shirt for size. They're on sale locally at Groovy DC, Maggie & Lola, and the Capitol Hill locations of Dawn Price Baby and Marvelous Market.

And here's an item I missed for the Hot Ticket: Feist tickets for her show at the 9:30 Club on June 13 have just gone on sale for $25. This show will definitely sell out, so grab yours now. If you haven't heard of Feist, take a listen to some of her breezy, lovely and summer-ready songs over at her Myspace page.