A Washingtonian Wedding, Part Two

Follow along with Bridal Party's guest blogger Emily as she plans her wedding. What happens when you decide to have your ceremony almost 700 miles from home? Check back every Friday to hear Emily's thoughts, offer your suggestions, and get caught up in Washingtonian wedding fever.

"What's the first thing I should do?" I asked my newly married friend, who is also one of my bridesmaids.

Without hesitation she replied: "Dress."

So tomorrow I’m on the hunt for the dress, and I’m really excited. Playing dress-up is a favored pastime of most little girls, but I think it’s the same for big girls, too. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in New York with a girlfriend and had a few hours to kill before dinner. We nipped into Bloomingdale’s, tried on designer dresses, and pretended to be models posing for my digital. It’s just fun! So spending this Saturday in hopes of finding the most gorgeous dress I will probably ever wear seems such pure delight.

And I have some great critics accompanying me. Jen, my maid of honor, is my best friend from college, a fellow Theta, a flat-mate while studying in London, and a roommate senior year, and she’s flying in today to meet my man and help me find the perfect dress. My mom is also joining us, and she is all about me being classy. I used to hate it in middle school, but looking back, I’m appreciative (though I’m never going to be able to take back those too-short shorts I changed into in the backseat of the bus on the way to school).

I made two appointments: at Hannelore’s in Alexandria and at Nicole Miller in Tysons II. Both of these bridal shops have beautiful dresses starting in the $500 to $600 range. I want gorgeous, but I don’t want to spend a fortune, and I think the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

I like simple and elegant rather than frilly and adorned, so I think I want a strapless, sheath dress with a pretty veil. Do you have any favorite bridal boutiques? I’d love any suggestions!

Next week I’ll post on how the boutique-hopping goes. And hopefully I’ll get to share a few pictures of the good, the bad, and the beaded.

You better believe we’re going to make her share pictures! Check back next Friday to see.

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