Bridal Party Chat: Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Submit your questions to a veteran photographer.

Washington photographer Ralph Alswang shoots weddings as stories. This couple is leaving their September 2007 wedding at St. Aloysius Church in DC.

Smile and say, “I want the perfect wedding album!” So for outdoor pictures, what time of day is the sun most flattering? For the reception, should the photographer be there until the last person leaves the dance floor? Ask Washington photographer Ralph Alswang, who visits Bridal Party this Thursday for a live Q&A session.

Ralph, who has been doing wedding photography for almost 20 years, has also worked for Newsweek and Reuters and was Bill and Hillary Clinton’s official documentary photographer, a job that took him to 50 states and more than 60 countries. He started his current photo company, Alswang Photography, six years ago.

Ask any question
you have about wedding photos, and Ralph will answer on Thursday from 11 to noon. If you can’t be online during the chat, check back later to read the transcript. Ralph is great behind a camera, but he’s also pretty good behind a keyboard.


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