Chat Recap: Picture Perfect

A seasoned wedding photographer answers your questions.

I’ve never been able to pin down why I like black-and-white photos so much—until today, when photographer Ralph Alswang summed it up perfectly: “I love black and white because it gets directly to the connection that the couple has rather than people looking at how beautiful the pink dress is or how great the red roses look. It gets down to, ‘That was the most amazing kiss,” or ‘Look at that smile.’ ” For other gems from Ralph’s chat—including where to take unique engagement photos and what to do if your fiancée wants to have her poodle in the wedding pictures—check out the transcript.

Next week, Bridal Party will welcome a special chat guest. If you read Washingtonian food and wine editor Todd Kliman’s dining chats, get excited—Todd’s mom, wedding calligrapher Itsy Kliman, will answer your questions about invitations. If you’ve got them now, she’ll take them early—just check back Thursday for her reply.


After reading Ralph’s advice, check out tips from other area photographers.

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