The Reluctant Groomzilla: Don’t Stress . . . Right?

Josh got a marriage wake-up call this weekend.

My fiancée’s brother got married on Sunday. It was a great wedding, a great party, and a truly magnificent celebration of two people who make each other very happy. It also served a very valuable lesson for us . . . ELOPE! NOW!

Okay, not really. But it was definitely a bit sobering and a real wake-up call (in a good way) that we are getting married in less than six months. It was hard not to take notes as the day went on. We were certainly reminded of lots of things we still need to do. As I’ve said before, we are very ahead of the planning game—but after seeing all the minute details, we suddenly have this feeling that we are way behind.

Our save-the-date cards went out last week, so that’s one item we can cross off the list. You know how I feel about save-the-dates, but one thing that I did think was cool: We were able to put our wedding Web-site address on each card. We have guests coming in from all over the country (and a few other countries), so I thought it would be nice to put all the information in one place, but—as geeky as I am—HTML coding is beyond me. We ended up using a service called Wedding Window. There are lots of others I haven’t tried, so I can’t say this is the best, but I was really impressed. There are a ton of features for a not-crazy price, and they make it pretty easy to use. You choose a design template, pick colors and photos (stock or your own), and you’re off. There are more page options than anyone should have time to fill out, and they give you a bunch of neat tools like gift tracking and RSVP tracking.

So the Web site is there, and the cards are sent, and the venue is long booked, and I’m sure that sitting down and going over the checklist and talking things through with the wedding planner will help . . . but until then, I think my fiancée and I will both stress a little bit. Anyone else out there feeling the same?


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