Bridal Party Chat: Ask a Videographer

Everyone thinks of remembering their wedding with a photo album. But a video can bring the big day to life for years to come.

If you’re thinking of videotaping your wedding but are having nightmares of bright lights and awkward one-on-one interviews with your wedding guests, let Martin Andrews of Blue Sky Films (801 Wayne Ave. #200, Silver Spring; 240-494-1022) put your mind at ease. Martin and his team of filmmakers won’t light your wedding up like a movie set, nor will they put the spotlight on Aunt Mary as she tells how you wet your bed as a child. That’s not Blue Sky’s style.

Martin started shooting weddings eight years ago in an effort to make wedding videos a more cinematic, nostalgic experience. The Blue Sky Films team documents weddings using discreet, unobtrusive coverage on both vintage movie film and high-definition video.

Martin’s swinging by The Washingtonian on Thursday to give us all the need-to-know details about videotaping your big day. Submit your questions now, and Martin will answer them on Thursday from 11 to noon.


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