Bridal Party Chat: Ask a DJ

Becoming a DJ was in the cards from the start for president Evan Reitmeyer. In elementary school, he was the narrator in a few school plays. In high school, he made morning announcements over the intercom and often emceed events like his school’s homecoming halftime show. “And yes, I was always the guy in charge of the music at any party,” he says.

Evan graduated from college and took an IT consulting job with a DJ company. When one of the DJs didn’t show up for a final meeting with a client, Evan agreed to DJ the wedding as a favor to his boss and he was hooked. “I fell in love with doing weddings because of the challenge they present,” he says. “No other event is more important than a wedding.”

Evan founded in 2003, and now he and his team work more than 250 weddings a year. They specialize in green weddings—in 2007 became the nation’s first 100-percent-carbon-neutral wedding entertainment company. Says Evan: “We run a practically paperless office, we purchase carbon credits to offset our electricity use and travel company-wide, we recycle anything and everything possible, and we always look for a green option whenever we have to buy something for the business, even if it costs a little more.”

To get him prepped for Thursday’s live chat and all of our readers’ questions, we asked Evan a few of our own: what song he and his wife would dance to if they got married all over again (“The Luckiest” by Ben Folds), what song is sure to get wedding guests onto the dance floor (“Low” by Flo Rida), and what song he would never play (any type of line dance, especially the chicken dance).

Got more questions for Evan? We know you do. Submit them now and Evan will answer them in the chat on Thursday from 11 AM to noon.


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