Eleni Engaged: So in Love

Twenty reasons why Eleni feels like the luckiest girl in the world.

Judging by some comments from my post last week, I think I need to make sure everyone understands that, yes, of course I’m excited to marry Ron Burgundy and celebrate our love with all of our family and friends. I just thought that people would rather read about dresses, flowers, and registering more than they’d want to read about how in love Ron and I are.

I surely hope people can see that I exaggerate somewhat for story value (it’s a blog, after all!), and I’m just trying to put a bit of humor into my writing. Because this is a wedding blog, I figured it’d be more fun to write about all the stuff you have to do to plan a wedding. I think it’d be pretty hard to talk about planning a wedding without mentioning any of the material things that go along with it! But let’s skip all that this week and talk about how much I love Ron Burgundy.

Here are 20 reasons why Ron is so great:

1. He’s incredibly kind.
2. He’s tall and handsome.
3. When he was little, his favorite Sesame Street character was Bert.
4. He’s very smart—he went to college on a full scholarship.
5. He’s incredibly motivated and passionate about his job (he has two Emmys).
6. He always puts the toilet seat down.
7. His family is hilarious.
8. He likes talking to my dad about politics.
9. He loves Neil Diamond.
10. Because his weekends are Sunday and Monday, when he’s in DC to visit me, he always wakes up early on Monday morning to drive me to work so I don’t have to take the bus (ugh, the Circulator).
11. He took my parents out to lunch at the Bagel Café in Herndon (a favorite spot of mine growing up) to ask their permission to marry me.
12. In 2006, Ron and I went to Greece together. He learned several Greek phrases so he could talk to my family in their language, even though they all speak English.
13. When I was moving back east a couple of years ago, Ron flew to Los Angeles at the last minute to help me pack.
14. I bought him a purple shirt, and he actually wears it.
15. He got me a really fabulous engagement ring (okay, yes, this one is materialistic—sorry!).
16. He’s been incredibly patient during our long-distance relationship.
17. He loves my friends (and now they are our friends).
18. He always picks me up at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.
19. He’s very neat and organized, just like me.

And finally . . .

20. He’s everything I’ve always dreamed of.


Eleni, a local bride-to-be, writes every Wednesday about planning her wedding, which will be in Washington in the spring. To follow her adventures from the beginning, click here.

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