Marriage and Lisa Marie: Tails of the Aisle

Lisa Marie talks about incorporating her beloved dogs into her wedding day.

When Andrew proposed, he cleverly arranged for our two huskies to be involved in the big event. The girls took on the task dutifully, proudly wearing their T-shirts that broadcast the all-important question. So, as we discussed the details of our wedding ceremony, it was very important to both of us that we find a way to involve our dogs in that special day. In theory, it’d be adorable. But in practice . . . well, we’ll see.

Since our engagement last May, we’ve both been pondering the perfect way to involve the dogs in the ceremony without too much disruption. While the traditional dog role is to replace the ring bearer, we’ve recruited my six-year-old cousin to fulfill that duty. We considered having them serve as our flower girls but couldn’t logistically grasp how that would work. The discussion moved to the back burner as other decisions were made, but with two months until the wedding, it was time to make a final decision.

With input from several members of our wedding party, we agreed that the dogs need to be led by someone down the aisle, lest they stray from their destination and destroy a decoration or a bridesmaid. They’re wonderful dogs but tend to get excited around large groups of people. So while they’d thoroughly enjoy being at the ceremony, they’d insist on being good hostesses and greeting every guest individually.

Upon analyzing every possible role that the dogs could serve, it became apparent that there’d always be the possibility of a disruption affecting our wedding ceremony. So Andrew and I decided to embrace it and deem them our “flower dogs.” If the dogs bark or pull during the procession, all we can do is smile. It just wouldn’t be the perfect wedding without our huskies there.

Did you incorporate your pets into your ceremony? How did you do it? Give Lisa Marie some advice in the comments!

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