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June 2009 Contents: Cheap Eats

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May 2009 Cover
Volume 44, Number 9

Cover Story

Eat Cheap!

100 area restaurants where you’ll find great food, low prices, and lots of fun.

Photograph of Barack Obama by Chris/


Fight of His Life

Local cop Kevin McConnell was being attacked and was beginning to pass out. He had two thoughts: “I think I lost this fight” and “I’m not going to die tonight.” He lived, but he may lose his badge. Harry Jaffe.

50 Top Journalists

As the media landscape rapidly changes, here’s our quadrennial review of the city’s best and most influential journalists. By Garrett M. Graff.

Once you love a baby, You have more to lose

After her daughter was born, the author found out she had a rare disease. Then life got more complicated. By Cindy Rich.

Songs of the Chesapeake

Full of his passion for the bay, Tom Wisner’s verses and stories have become enduring parts of the region’s lore. By Tom Horton

Nobody Gets Past Me

After dark, bouncers have front-row seats to local nightlife. They watch for trouble—and sometimes find it. By Brendan L. Smith.

Capital Comment Check out where the Obamas are eating . . . Stars and pols mix at the year’s biggest party . . . Scalia’s secrets revealed! . . . Where did Tony Kornheiser go?

Where & When Folklife Festival on the Mall . . . Silverdocs at AFI . . . Stacy Keach in King Lear . . . Ellington Jazz Festival . . . Bolshoi at the KenCen . . . Artomatic.

Angel Baby When her grandson was born, the author didn’t just gain a new child in her life. She got the chance to create a fresh start with his mother.

Why Larry Summers Isn’t Talking Ben Bernanke’s term as Fed chairman ends in January. Insiders say Larry Summers wants the job, so he’s lying low.

What Len Bias Left Behind A filmmaker revisits the basketball legend’s drug overdose and finds a more complex story than first believed.

Game On A coach about to have twins, a naked biker, a priest in the outfield, and more photographs of Washington at play.

Let Franken Be Franken! Washington doesn’t need any more hard-working pols. We need some laughs.

Great Finds Men’s suits for summer.

What’s Hot in Georgetown One of Washington’s most historic neighborhoods, Georgetown has memorable restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, and loads of charm.

These Are My People Capitol Hill is more than Congress. A Hill reporter talks about his ancestors—newsboys, fruit sellers, cleaning ladies—who lived there.