The Newly Wed: Welcome to Our New Column!

Remember our former wedding blogger Diana? Well, her wedding went off without a hitch, and she’s here to start a new blog column on what it’s like being a newlywed.

Diana and Ben during their wedding. What comes next for them?

Everyone is familiar with the age-old phrase “happily ever after.” It’s usually found at the end of a storybook after the damsel-no-longer-in-distress hops on a white charger and gets whisked off into the sunset with her knight. But the sad thing is, no one ever hears from that damsel again.

After marriage, it seems pop culture leaves the wives of the world out in the proverbial cold. The story ends, and the rest of the damsel’s life is summed up in those three infamous words: happily ever after.

How unfortunate, because this gap encompasses not only momentous events but also the activities and questions we deal with every day of our newly married lives. Did you ever hear about Cinderella figuring out what to do with Prince Charming’s ugly bachelor furniture? Or Snow White beginning her family planning? Of course not, but this is the stuff of life.

Because I’m a new member of the Newlywed Club, I thought it would be nice to have a blog just for us to talk about all the little issues that crop up when a marriage begins. You may have read about my wedding planning adventures in my blog, “Diana’s I Dos.” I’ve been a Mrs. for three months, and look forward to sharing a variety of newlywed topics such as the honeymoon, the name change, and the Newlywed 10 (good thing the wedding dress is a one-time gig). If you have any subjects you’d like addressed, just leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to cover it in a future post.

The wedding may be over; the cake eaten, the dress preserved, and sanity (somewhat) recovered, but the rest of our lives have just begun. And I have a feeling it’s going be a great happily ever after. 

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