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March 2011 Contents: Home Improvement Experts

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48 Bloomberg’s Death Star

After conquering Wall Street, the global news giant founded by New York City’s billionaire mayor is betting that Washington is the next hot media market. By Shane Harris.

52 What’s Killing the Elephants?

When a young Asian elephant at the National Zoo died, scientists began to unravel a medical mystery. Their work could help decide the fate of the endangered animals. By Emily Leaman.

58 The Making of a Soccer Star

Andy Najar is the nation’s best young soccer player, and his overnight success raises questions: Who is he? Where did he come from? And why don’t more American kids grow into players like him? By Luke Mullins.

64 Watching From the Shadows

While covering the White House, photographer Brooks Kraft snapped candid shots of the large Secret Service apparatus that surrounds the President.

72 The Man Who Vetted Sarah Palin

A.B. Culvahouse has spent years in the most powerful circles of Washington—White House counsel, head of one of the nation’s top law firms—but he’s likely to be remembered for one decision. By Marisa M. Kashino.

76 Home Improvement

Need a good plumber, painter, or roofer? Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, put up a fence, or replace your furnace, here are 200 people you can trust. Plus, expert tips on working with contractors—and keeping repairs at bay. By Sherri Dalphonse.


8 Hometown Heroes

The 39th annual Washingtonians of the Year celebration honored men and women who make our community a better place to live.

11 Capital Comment

The amazing Foer brothers . . . 8 BR, 11 BA, 13 FP—$15.5M . . . David Brooks’s brain—and other good Washington reads . . . Tracking a power law firm’s decline . . . Reconstructing Ronald Reagan’s fateful day.

28 Where & When

Everything India at the KenCen . . . Crafts at the Renwick . . . André Previn at Strathmore . . . Synetic’s King Lear at the Lansburgh . . . St. Patrick’s Day fun, kite festival on the Mall.

35 Staying Forever

When tragedy hit, writer Roger Rosenblatt and his wife stepped in to help raise their three grandkids. He talks about finding solace, being a listener, how to tell the stories inside you, and more. Interview by William O’Sullivan.

41 A New Dawn

Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration 150 years ago began a period that would change Washington forever. By Adam Goodheart.

128 That ’70s Show

The 1970s are back—at least in the spring fashions found in many area stores. By Jill Hudson Neal.

131 It’s on the House

There is such a thing as a free lunch—plus free cocktails, wine, desserts, and other discounts for readers this month. By McLean Robbins.

133 Best of Georgetown

A historic neighborhood, Georgetown has memorable restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, and beautiful period homes.

153 Dining Out

Small plates go Vietnamese on Capitol Hill. Plus—Red Pearl brings Szechuan and Cantonese cooking to Columbia, and a new pastrami spot hits Bethesda.

162 Best Bites

Cookbooks and kitchen fun . . . Great tacos to go . . . Who makes the best whoopie?

166 Benefits

Good times for good causes in March.

167 Fit for Life

With indoor pools, helpful classes, and personal trainers on staff, retirement communities help seniors stay active. By Marilyn Dickey.

175 Luxury Homes

Caps owner Ted Leonsis and philanthropist Adrienne Arsht sell for very big money.

192 Bringing Chloe Home

When a four-pound Yorkshire terrier disappeared on the eve of a big snowstorm, family members thought they’d never see her again. By Katie Knorovsky.

203 Out of Africa

Questioning the impact of her nonprofit work, Susi Wyss quit—and found her voice. By Robert Fulton.

204 Yeah Yeah Yeah

In 1964, she was a Beatles-obsessed teen with a pen pal in London. Decades later, they met. By Cheryl Kravitz.