A Wedding Video We Love

This wedding film trailer shows why hiring a videographer is a good idea

Elizabeth & Jonathan from Thomas Bowen Films on Vimeo.

When we saw this incredible video of Elizabeth and Jon’s March 12 wedding by Thomas Bowen Films, we knew the bride looked familiar. She’s Elizabeth McNamara, who wrote this wonderful piece for the Summer/Fall 2011 issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom about wearing her mother’s wedding dress. So we asked Elizabeth to tell us a bit about her wedding video:

“In truth I didn’t want a videographer at our wedding,” she says. “It was a last-minute decision made by my mother and I threw a fit. But now I am very grateful she overrode my first instinct, as watching the trailer has a magical way of placing me right back up there on the altar committing to my best friend. Per usual, Mom is always right.”

Elizabeth listed several parts of the video as her favorites. “I love the huge smile on both our faces after our first kiss . . . the moment my mom tenderly kisses my little sister . . . And I positively love listening to my dad’s words. But, I guess if I were to really edit myself and boil it down, my favorite moments were captured when we were taking photos in front of the Capitol. The cameras were far enough away and Jon and I felt as we were in a bubble just enjoying ourselves.”

Elizabeth makes a point of watching the video on the 12th of every month—a mini-anniversary celebration. “Your wedding day is just one day, and that one day goes by so fast,” she says. “But what’s nice about having a video is you can replay the fantasy anytime you want.”

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