For the Grooms: Get Fashion Help Via Video Chat

Does the thought of shopping for your wedding-day ensemble kind of terrify you? Get styling assistance from a new shopping site called Hendricks Park—without leaving home.

Hendricks Park provides free styling service for groomsmen via video chat. Photograph courtesy of Hendricks Park

If the idea of spending a day shopping for a wedding tux makes you more uncomfortable than the idea of spending an afternoon watching Toddlers & Tiaras, we’ve got a site for you to check out. Hendricks Park, a men’s clothing retail site that launched in December 2010, provides free personal styling service via video chat. Yes, that means you can find a designer wedding-day ensemble without leaving your house (or changing out of your fresh-off-the-floor T-shirt).

While the site helps men pick out clothes for work and all sorts of occasions, “we get such a rush dressing guys for their weddings,” says Lisa Bruckner, founder and CEO of Hendricks Park. “Quite a few of our clients have started out single, and then they get engaged—it’s such an amazing experience to be part of milestones in someone’s life.”

Here are some of Bruckner’s top tips for guys shopping for a wedding-day look:

Consider the venue. “Don’t automatically go with a black tuxedo,” says Bruckner. “Think about where you’re getting married, as well as the theme, the formality, and the weather. It’s also nice to wear something that will complement the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ dresses, too.”

Stand out. “We like to help a groom differentiate himself from his groomsmen,” says Bruckner. “For example, we helped a groom who was having an outdoor wedding at a cabin resort. He wore a full three-piece suit with a French blue shirt and a tie that tied in all the wedding colors, while his groomsmen wore a vest, pants, white shirt, and blue tie. They still looked like a groomsmen party, but the groom really stood out.”

Add a personal touch. “Try wearing something monogrammed, whether its a handkerchief, cufflinks, tie or shirt, to help personalize your look,” says Bruckner.

Dress neatly. “For your wedding day, show decorum and formality, even if your wedding is technically informal,” says Bruckner. “Fit is everything—make sure you take your ensemble to a tailor to make sure it fits just right. Nothing is more embarrassing that hems hanging everywhere or sloppy shoulders.”

To get your own free personal styling session with Hendricks Park, visit their Web site.

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