Genius Idea: Mad Libs Guestbook Cards

Are you kind of bored with the standard guestbook well wishes? These little cards will guarantee some more creative congratulations.

The Dandelion Patch can customize these cards to fit your theme and color scheme. Card courtesy of the Dandelion Patch and Bella Figura

Heidi Kallett from the Dandelion Patch just sent me these letterpressed Bella Figura guestbook cards and I thought they were so clever. Instead of having your guests sign a book that you’ll probably never look at again, give out these cute little Mad Libs-esque cards. Your guests can either write heartfelt sentiments, or be more playful. Then, you can have them place their cards in a box or a book for safe-keeping.

To test them out, we told our interns that we were playing a traditional game of Mad Libs, and here’s the hilarity that ensued:


We are slimy for Sarah and Peter! They are the most swanky cupcakes and we wish them nothing less than slushy dinosaurs for the rest of their lives together.

Don’t forget to always brush your teeth before you occupy and don’t count your chickens before they hatch after the tennis shoes. Peter should always meander Sarah’s lipstick and Sarah should always articulate Peter’s hamburgers. We wish you 7 years of happiness and red signage. With Love, Ernie and Bert


Well, that’s some, er, interesting marriage advice.

I definitely see this as a playful ice-breaker to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour. The cards are $458 for 100; visit the Dandelion Patch’s Web site for more information.