Real Proposal: Kristine and Kelvin

A Fredericksburg photo shoot turns into a sweet engagement story.

Kristine and Kelvin, pre-proposal. All photographs by Ashley Grace of Little Bird Media

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: There’s nothing sweeter than a proposal caught on camera. And here’s another super-cute one to brighten your day.

Kristine, who lives in Fredericksburg, had mentioned to her photographer friend Ashley Grace of Little Bird Media that she’d like some photos taken.

“My mom had been asking for some updated photos to put up around the house, since the last time I had my picture taken was my senior year of high school,” says Kristine. “In September, Ashley brought up the idea again.”

After a bit of back and forth, they were able to settle on a Saturday shoot in downtown Fredericksburg. As Ashley snapped away, Kristine’s boyfriend of nearly three years, Kelvin, stopped by to watch.

“Every time Ashley would fiddle with her camera and change settings, Kelvin would come over to talk, kiss, hug, or just tease me like he always does, and then Ashley would start taking pictures of it,” says Kristine.


Ashley suggested that the group head to a park for a nice photo op. As they paused by a fountain, Kelvin gave Kristine a hug.

“He told me that he asked Ashley to bring me to the park for a reason,” Kristine recalls. Then he pulled out a ring.

“He had told me he was going out for coffee with a friend of his, but he had actually been ring shopping,” Kristine says. And Kelvin had asked Ashley for help setting up the shoot: “He knew that was the only way he would ever get engagement pictures out of me—I always comment about how forced and tacky engagement photos can be.”

Needless to say, Kristine said yes.

As an additional surprise, Kelvin then brought his new fiancée to a favorite restaurant, where both of their families and some good friends were waiting to celebrate.

The couple will marry in March in Williamsburg, Virginia.