Pinteresting: Fruit and Vegetable Centerpieces

A fresh take on going au naturel for autumn weddings.

When it comes to fall nuptials, we’ve seen it all in terms of floral arrangements:
burgundy roses flanked by orange oak leaves, and rust-colored zinnias nestled among
purple eucalyptus. While jewel tones reminiscent of the season’s changing colors are
inspiring, why not look to the autumn’s harvest for a fresh take on a seasonal tablescape?

Apples, pumpkins, cabbage flowers, and artichokes come in all shades and ranges of
colors, and can be surprisingly chic decor for a nuptial feast, even those with more
formal overtones. We’ve culled the best of what Pinterest has to offer in the way
of centerpieces featuring fruits and veggies, from persimmons to cabbage.

1) Artichokes

2) Cabbage and Kale

3) Farmers Market Fare

4) Citrus Accents

5) Modern Apples

6) Elegant Vessels