Pinteresting: A Bounty of Bunting

These garlands are an easy and delightful way to decorate a reception venue or delineate a ceremony area.

Bunting is a popular choice for wedding decor.

Whether you’re planning a rustic-chic, homespun affair, or a nautically oriented celebration, bunting is a festive way to turn any space into a great place to party. These colorful, relatively simple strung-up flags have become so prevalent, you can use them to decorate pretty much anything, from an old oak tree to the rafters of a barn; brides are even fashioning miniature versions into personalized wedding-day accessories. And every couple’s names somehow just look cuter when presented in bunting; there’s an “Aww” moment in seeing “Jane & John” hanging from the backs of chairs or blowing in the breeze over a table full of favors and place cards.

We pulled together the prettiest—and did we mention easy-to-DIY—bunting inspiration Pinterest has to offer.

Use it as signage.

Use it with your cake.

Try it from ceiling rafters for a bit of color against wooden beams.

Or create a sweet(er) ceremony.