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August 2013 Contents: Cheap Eats

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August 2013 Volume 48, Number 11

Cover Story

Cheap Eats

Our ultimate guide to ethnic dining takes you on a whirlwind adventure. You’ll find each cuisine’s best restaurants—plus favorite dishes, etiquette tips, and more—and can experience them all for less than $25 a person.

On the Cover: Huong Viet’s grilled shrimp with vermicelli photographed for Washingtonian by Scott Suchman. Food styling by Lisa Cherkasky. Hand-lettering by Matthew Allen.


“A New Beginning”

Martin Luther King Jr. made history 50 years ago, but a lot more went into the March on Washington—from the drama behind an activist’s speech to the thousands who came to make their voices heard. By William P. Jones

The Unspeakable Gift

To understand a lifelong genetic condition, she took part in an NIH study. She felt isolated and objectified but also got answers to questions that had haunted her for years. By Kate Steedly

Married, but not Exclusive

For some couples, one relationship is not enough. By Brooke Lea Foster

Capital Comment

The shadow campaign to replace House speaker John Boehner . . . A real-estate agent with serious flair . . . RG3 and Ovie’s favorite restaurants. Anatomy How your FedEx package gets where it’s going. Behind the Scenes Inside the National Weather Service’s forecasting hub in Sterling.

Where & When

Free for All presents Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing . . . Miss Saigon at Signature . . . Grace Potter at Wolf Trap . . . Broke-ology at Theater Alliance . . . American History looks back at Little Golden Books . . . KanKouran West African Dance Company at the Hylton Center.


Family of Spies A CIA veteran and the daughter of a covert agent talk about living with secrets. Washington Read A DC policy wonk moonlights as a writer of French mysteries. Plus—an investigative journalist on teaching kids better. A Tangled Mess Why Congress can’t do even its most basic job. What Made Me Hotel head Bill Marriott on health, family, and loving what you do.


In the Bag Two big travelers share tips on how to pack it all in—plus great shoes and carryalls. Learn Something New At local colleges, you can take classes on solving crimes, appreciating music, making your own books, and more. Just the Two of Us Becoming a single mom through donor insemination was controversial 20 years ago—but I’ve never regretted my decision. Beat the Clock More women in their thirties and forties are freezing their eggs.


They’ve Got You Covered Whatever home repair you need, here’s where to turn. Best of Annapolis Shopping, eating, and having fun in the charming waterfront city. Luxury Homes A Chevy Chase penthouse goes for a record-setting $8 million. Pet Equity A local real-estate agent specializes in house-hunting for four-legged family members. First Person Dear Dan Snyder: Words can evoke mysteries—and also hurt.