13 Times We Had Major Wedding Hair Envy

These Washington brides and stylists know the meaning of “on fleek.”

One cannot fully appreciate the importance of wedding hair until the big day arrives, when rather than focusing on how happy you are and how good that wedding cake tastes, you’re spitting out the stray piece of hair that keeps sticking to your lipgloss or trying to get your maid of honor to assure you that the weird lump in your updo won’t show up in the photos.

Don’t be that bride—be these brides, who totally nailed it when it comes to wedding day hair success. From loose, flowing waves to intricate, knotted updos, let these hair masterpieces inspire you.

1. Side-swept Curls

Photograph by Vicki Grafton Photography

This bride’s beautiful locks were arranged by Kenneatria Sutton into thick curls and pinned to the side of her head to create an elegant side ponytail.

2. Long, Loose Curls

Photograph by Kate Headley

This bride’s long, light hair was loosely curled by First Impressions Salon, who pinned one side, adding structure to the beautiful, flowing locks.

3. Asymmetric Low Updo

Photograph by Kate Haus Photography

This bride’s curly hair was gathered and twisted into this low updo by Hair by Giselle, who accented the look with a crystal pin.

4. Low Updo With Front Part

Photograph by Abby Jiu Photography

Amie Decker Beauty parted this bride’s blonde hair in the front for a clean, elegant appearance that maintained the hair’s volume, with a neat, woven updo in the back.

5. Bold Curled Updo

Photograph by Katelyn James Photography

This updo by Ali Wear of Wear Hair features careful curls that have been pinned into place for a low updo that has plenty of volume and texture.

6. Low, Tight Knot

Photograph by Megan Chase Photography

This hairstyle has been artfully arranged by Shana Dee of Hair by Jewels for a look that lies smooth against the crown of this bride’s head and low on the nape of her neck for flawless, veil-friendly style.

7. Ultra-Sleek Chignon

Photograph by K. Thompson Photography

This blonde went for Hollywood glam with her red-carpet ready chignon by Hair by Giselle.

8. Curls with a Half Updo

Photograph by Katelyn James Photography

This style by Baltimore Bridal Beauty effortlessly pairs the free-flowing blonde curls with the structure of a half updo that adds volume on top.

9. Loose, Looped Updo

Photograph by Abby Grace Photography

This styled look by Alison Harper & Company uses wide, loose loops and side-swept bangs for added drama with the birdcage veil.

10. Braided Bun

Photograph by Kathy Blanchard Photography

There’s an element of French braiding in this low bun by Shaune Hayes Makeup & Hair Artists that adds texture and a secure hold.

11. Side Knot

Photograph by Amy Deputy Photography

This tight side knot is woven together by Krystal Morant of Bridal Beauty Associates to perfectly offset the birdcage veil.

12. Double Twist

Photograph by K. Thompson Photography

This elegant double twist makes for a high-on-the-head updo by Claudine Fay.

13. Loose Curls with a Glam Comb

Photograph by Justine Ungaro

The Marilyn Monroe-ness of this easy, free-flowing look was pulled off by Bridal Hair by Remona.

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