Chicka-Fandango Productions Relaunches as Revolution Event Design With a Blowout Bash

From grannies to goats, it was one wild night.

Where can you find baby goats, a tattoo parlor, and grannies, all together? Try the Fandango Productions and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom relaunch event as their newly merged and rebranded event design and production company, Revolution.

On Thursday night, Revolution Event Design and Production threw a massive relaunch party at their new headquarters in Baltimore. The 100,000-square-foot warehouse was filled with a maze of mini parties, each with their own theme, caterers, and florists from the DMV area. Invitations were sent out, advertising the theme “Tattoos and Tassels” and proclaiming the event “the party of the year” and asking invitees to see “how the party people party.” And from what we could see, the party people party hard.

You know you’re getting yourself into trouble when you’re handed a map upon entering a party–any event that requires its own map is sure to be an assault on the senses. And that’s exactly what this overblown warehouse event was–the night began with a room decked out with floral creations by Sweet Root Village, followed by a trip down a hallway to the tattoo lounge, where Have Fun Be Lucky tattoo parlor was set up to ink guests with the image of their choice. Following the tattoo bar was a free-for-all trip through the maze–here’s where the map came in handy–filled with different themed strips sponsored by local vendors, including a voodoo bar, a silent disco, a truth or dare bar, a “Who’s Your Granny” gameshow-style party game, and a Tuscan-themed room that included a wine bar and real baby goats.

Many bridal vendors’ handiwork was on display at the event, so start day dreaming about your bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and wild receptions as you browse the photos of last night’s festivities below.

The new company branding for Revolution, as seen in an ice sculpture. All photographs by Andrew Propp.
Floral arrangement by Sweet Root Village.
A woman sits for her foot tattoo, courtesy of Have Fun Be Lucky.
Tuscan-themed decor with flowers by Edge Floral Event Designers.
Table decor for the Tuscany room.
A live baby goat–one of two–for petting.
Bruschetta by Copper Kitchen and a blind wine tasting bar by Uncorked.
Nar Hovnanian and Sugar Taylor of Taylor & Hov Events and Design.
Entrance to the Voodoo Bar, where getting a drink required completing a task, such as spinning in a circle and bowing, at the request of the bartenders.
Tablescape to match the Voodoo Bar theme.
A model decked out for the Voodoo Bar with florals by Nature of Design with Janet Flowers.
The “Go Big or Go Home” section was filled with giant props–from a massive Connect Four to a jumbo deck of cards.
Jumbo bowling pins and martinis for the “Go Big or Go Home” section.
Susan Farkas, Rebecca McFarland, Sarah Zlotnick, Jessi Taff, and Caroline Cunningham of Washingtonian Magazine.
Party guests Maurice Srour and Gabriella Lehimdjian of Carine’s Bridal Atelier.
Tables colored with projector lighting.
Shrimp ceviche by Spilled Milk Catering.
Sarah Zlotnick of Washingtonian Magazine and Stenise Reaves of Spilled Milk Catering.
Hanging oyster bar by Ridgewells Catering.
The “Who’s Your Granny?” trivia game.
Pam Barefoot and Anne Kelley of Atrendy Wedding.
Lamb ravioli with yogurt sauce by Ris Catering.

Oyster bar served on seaweed by The Classic Catering People.

Mario and Cynthia Andrade of Windows Catering Company.
Windows Catering Company served up a bar full of sweets, including dessert sushi.
Susan Lacz of Ridgewells Catering, Abby Jiu of Abby Jiu Photography, Astrid Woltering of Astrid Photography, and Julie Savage of Strawberry Milk Events.
A Love Spell Bar, where all drinks were named as love potions.
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