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Photos From the 2019 Washingtonians of the Year Luncheon

The 2019 Washingtonians of the Year were honored by their guests and past honorees

The 48th annual Washingtonians of the Year luncheon, sponsored by Deloitte, took place on Wednesday, January 15 at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. The event brought together the current honorees, their guests and past Washingtonians of the Year to celebrate the accomplishments of this esteemed group. Each year, Washingtonian chooses local pioneers who have contributed significantly in their communities and are striving to improving the areas they live work in.

Catherine Merrill, CEO & President of Washingtonian, opened the program and 1994 Washingtonian of the Year Judy Woodruff emceed the program. Each honoree received a personalized plaque and a framed cover from their photo shoot with Washingtonian. All honorees also gave remarks during the program describing the work they do and thanking their supporters.

This year’s luncheon was supported by Deloitte’s Business of Kindness initiative. Our 2019 Washingtonians of the Year have gone above and beyond to prove that the transformative power of kindness and respect can have a meaningful impact on the world outside of office walls.

Congratulations to our 2019 Washingtonians of the Year!
Corinne Cannon, Founder, Greater DC Diaper Bank
Dr. Francis Collins and Diane Baker, Director, NIH & Board Member, Children’s Inn at NIH
Ruby Corado, Founder, Casa Ruby*
Carla Hayden, Librarian of Congress
Dr. Allison Jackson, Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Protection Center, Children’s National Hospital
Matt Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, JBG Smith
Nancy Richardson, Volunteer, CaringMatters
Deborah Rutter, President, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Andy Shallal, Founder, Busboys and Poets
Nick Sundberg, Founder, Loads of Love & Player, Washington Redskins

Thank you to our sponsor: Deloitte
Thank you to our partner: HB Fiori
All photos by Dan Swartz & Jeff Elkins

*Since we honored Ruby Corado in 2019, serious allegations of mismanagement and improper use of grants and charitable donations have come to light. The organization, Casa Ruby, shuttered in July 2022, and Corado has allegedly fled the country amidst ongoing investigations.

Past Washingtonian of the Year Judy Woodruff emceed the afternoon’s program.
Erica Jordan, Tamika Tremaglio, Allison Solomon and Anu Vermani of Deloitte
Cathy Merrill welcomed guests at the start of the luncheon, and thanked Deloitte for their support.
Carol Melton, Jessica Mailloux, 2019 Washingtonian of the Year Matt Kelly and Linda Mathes
Charles Jackson, Bradford Jackson, 2019 Washingtonian of the year Allison Jackson, Taylor Jackson and Geraldine McCarley
Beth Meagher, Sally D’Amato, 2019 co-Washingtonians of the Year Francis Collins and Diane Baker
2019 Washingtonian of the Year Nancy Richardson loved the personalized plaque and framed photo from her photo shoot with Washingtonian
2019 Washingtonian of the Year Deborah Rutter brought her mother Wini Lumsden as one of her guests.
2019 Washingtonian of the Year Andy Shallal thanked his team and past honorees for their support of his work over the years.
Consuella Lopez, Holly Goldmann, 2019 Washingtonian of the Year Ruby Corado, DeCorye Bradford, Rikki Nathanson and Larry Villegas-Perez
2019 Washingtonian of the Year Carla Hayden and Jacqueline Mars
Callie Williams, 2019 Washingtonian of the Year Corinne Cannon, Jack Williams and Jay Williams
2019 Washingtonian of the Year Nick Sundberg took the time to sign fellow 2019 Washingtonian of the Year Allison Jackson’s copy of Washingtonian.
Patricia Moore, Arthur Cotton Moore and Cathy Merrill
Katherine Bradley and Don Graham
All the 2019 Washingtonians of the Year took the time to autograph each other’s copies of the January issue that featured their stories.
Sally D’Amato, Marissa Devito, Jenny Harris, Allison Solomon, Erica Jordan, Anu Vermani and Beth Meagher from Deloitte
2019 Washingtonian of the Year Matt Kelly, Kara Alter, Carol Melton, Jessica Mailloux and Linda Rabbitt
Matt Kneiss, Aimee Kneiss, Florence Sundberg and 2019 Washingtonian of the Year Nick Sundberg
Deanna McCray James and Bryonna Head
Carol Melton and Adrienne Arsht
Bela Muney, Larry Villegas-Perez, Consuella Lopez, 2019 Washingtonian of the Year Ruby Corado, Rikki Nathanson, Flor Sundberg and DeCorye Bradford
Diane Rehm, Derrick Harkins and Juli Harkins
Anastasia Vlasovo and Jennifer Marshall