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December 2020: Gratitude

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In this terrible year, here are the people, places, moments of beauty (and furry critters) for which Washingtonians are giving thanks.


 “She Was Still Carrying My Baby”

Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

Carrie Brady was 40 and single when she decided to adopt a child whose mother had been addicted to opioids. A story of 21st-century birth. As Told to Susan Baer.

A 2020 Poll About . . . 2020

Illustration by Jenny Rosenberg.

Is everyone gaining weight? Is anyone having sex? As we bid the year a not-so-fond fare-well, a mostly trivial poll about how we lived through the momentous sequence of events.

A Brief History of the Hillary Clinton Administration

Photo-illustration by Lauren Bulbin

What if 2016 never happened? A dispatch from an alternative 2020. By Michael Schaffer.

Top Lawyers

Natalia Wilson_170712_045_HR copy
Raj Madan copy
Grace Shie copy


Star legal talent—including divorce lawyers, criminal defenders, immigration attorneys, and estate planners—in 17 categories. By Marisa M. Kashino.


Photograph by Evy Mages

Political Party: DC erupted in spontaneous celebration after Election Day. But scars will linger after the Champagne is gone. By Michael Schaffer.

Rethinking the Tidal Basin: Climate change threatens one of our most treasured areas. What’s the best way to save it? By Mimi Montgomery.

Walls with a Past: Planet Word, an innovative museum dedicated to language, recently opened in the historic Franklin School building at 13th and K, Northwest. The structure has quite a history. By Daniella Byck.

Help for Separated Kids: A judge told government to reconnect migrant kids with parents. But private-sector groups are doing the work. By Luke Mullins.

Eerily Delicious: The pandemic has brought us a new trend: ghost kitchens. By Daniella Byck.

Big Picture: The huge cannabis business in a Maryland town. By Lauren Bulbin.


Photograph by Louis Myrie Photography

Interview: Radio’s Donnie Simpson looks back at more than 50 years on the air. Interview by Rob Brunner.


Holiday Gift Guide: Presents that really speak to the moment.

Doing Good: These nonprofits will put your donation to good use.


Photograph by Scott Suchman

Bright Spots: Readers’ favorite places to eat (and get takeout).

Haute Pursuits: Can custom face masks and $46 candles save fine dining?


Photograph by John Cole Photo.

Underground Upgrade: A cramped basement turned multi-use space.

The Briefing: National Landing: What’s new in the home of Amazon’s HQ2.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Photograph courtesy of Oliva Nuzzi.

Interning for Anthony Weiner—then blabbing.