A Washingtonian Wedding: Our VIPs

Being a bridesmaid is fun—but it's also a big commitment.

It feels like you’re asking a lot when you ask a friend to be in your bridal party.

She has to buy a dress that she might not wear again, like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses; she has to block off a weekend and probably take one or more days off of work; and she has to make travel plans, which, with gas prices rising, can be pretty expensive.

The eight friends I’ve asked to be a part of our wedding have blessed me with their selfless excitement at being included, and I in turn want to honor them.

First, a rundown of the cast:

Jen Price, flying down from Wilmington, Delaware:
The maid of honor because we were so attached at the hip in college that we were known more as a unit (Jen & Emily) than as individuals.

Katie Smith, driving from Alexandria, Virginia: A bridesmaid because she’s the funniest person I know and because we’ve been laughing hysterically together since middle school.

Natalie Collier, flying from New York City: A bridesmaid because we share a bond from being chosen last on the high-school cheerleading squad, because we jog at exactly the same pace, and because we’ve been told by a numerologist that we’d be important to each other’s lives.

Katherine Rankin, driving from Kansas City, Missouri: A bridesmaid because I’ve betrothed her to my younger brother for marriage and want them to have another opportunity to hang out. Also because we were close sorority sisters and shared an apartment and Bible study in college.

Michelle Dumontier, driving from Kansas City:
A bridesmaid because we shared an amazing experience abroad and because, as a wife herself, she is a wise voice in wedding preparations.

Lindsey Martin, driving from Columbia, Missouri:
A bridesmaid because I can rely on her to start the reception’s dance party with her awesome dancing skills. She’s also a kindred spirit.

Erin Miller, driving from Kansas City:
A bridesmaid because of the same wavelength we’ve floated on since meeting in our sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.

Charlotte Brennan, flying from Virginia Beach: The scripture reader and singer because she is super-talented at speaking and singing and because it was friendship at first sight on an apple-picking afternoon this past fall.

They’re also gorgeous and sweet. Drew has an equally amazing lineup of groomsmen, ushers, and musicians, so we sat down one afternoon and thought about ways in which we could thank them for their friendship and their participation in our wedding.

Wedding-party gifts are one way. Drew plans on picking individualized gifts for each of the men, but I chose to order my girls’ gifts from the same place. My roommate’s best friend is a New York-based jewelry designer, and without giving away the surprise, I’ve ordered them all different pieces that remind me of them. Along with presenting these gifts at the rehearsal dinner, Drew and I also thought it would be cool to prepare a few words to say about each of our VIPs and how important they’ve been in our lives.

On the morning of the rehearsal, Drew’s mom and some of her friends have planned a bridesmaid brunch, which will be another opportunity to spend some sweet girl time. And that night, Jen (maid of honor) is having all of us girls over for a sleepover. I mean, how fun is that? When is the last time, you had a bunch of best friends all together for a sleepover?

In the morning, we’re all going to wake up early and trek down to the salon for updos. And then, it’s getting dressed up, applying make-up, taking pictures, and walking down the long church aisle.

Of course a wedding is about the bride and groom, but Drew and I also think it’s a celebration of family and friendship—people who helped mold and shape you, and in a way, prepare you for this next step. We can’t wait for August 30 to be here. We can’t wait to be married and to fly to France for our honeymoon, but we also can’t wait to spend some great time with friends and family on that wedding weekend.


Emily, a Washington bride-to-be, writes every Friday about planning her wedding, which will be in Nashville this August. To follow her adventures from the beginning, click here

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