The Reluctant Groomzilla: Best Of

Right about now, you're probably asking yourself, "Where's my Wednesday morning funnyman, the Reluctant Groomzilla?" Well, work stole all of Josh's time this week. And since that one is the job that pays him in actual dollars, as opposed to comments at th

On picking out a cake with "queen of cakes" Sylvia Weinstock:

On the day of our meeting, I had no idea what I really wanted and my vision was blurred by thoughts of marzipan flowers, but I knew one thing for sure: NO CAKE TOPPER. I wanted one of those amusing ones you can get—you know, with the couple on cell phones or with the bride lassoing or bullwhipping the groom—but apparently those are not classy.

On the art of ice sculpting: 

They can work, if they are done in the right circumstances and fit with the overall theme. Modern/edgy wedding with caviar or martini station that has an ice bar—cool. Traditional wedding with heart-shaped, pink-lit ice centerpiece—NOT cool. 

From the Groomzilla's bride-to-be:

I love Josh more than anything. And I love that he’s so excited about our wedding and about being married to me. I just wish he were as attentive to picking up his clothes and cleaning the dishes as he is to our wedding. Oh well—he’s still got a lifetime with me to work on that.

On originality at your own wedding:

After a few months of planning, being forced to watch way too many wedding shows, and being shown way too many wedding magazines, I’ve concluded that every idea is a variation on one that’s been done before. Do you want to arrive or leave your wedding in a plane/helicopter/hot-air balloon/motorcycle? Done! Think that live animals will set your event apart? That was so two years ago! Getting Tasered at your own reception? Done! (Okay, that wasn’t on purpose, but it was on the news a few weeks ago.)


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