A Washingtonian Wedding: From Washington to Nashville to Paris to Wichita…

I have some bittersweet news to share. Drew and I are leaving Washington and trading it for another, very different city that begins with a “W.” Because when we make life changes, we like to make them all at once: new marriage, new city, new job.

Let me explain. Drew was offered a job at Wichita magazine, located obviously in Wichita, Kansas. But it wasn’t just any job he was offered—he was offered the editor-in-chief position. At age 25, that’s such an amazing opportunity for him. And being the wonderful fiancé he is, Drew also thought of his future bride (me) and my future happiness, and he asked his would-be employers at Wichita magazine what jobs there might be for me. And they got back to him later with a job for me to write magazine departments and help plan the magazine’s special events. So we’re very excited . . . but it’s a lot all at once.

Drew is actually in Wichita right now, sitting at his editor’s desk and editing away at the October issue. We drove the 20-plus hours out there together a couple of weekends ago and got set up in our new apartment, and then he went to work in Wichita while I flew back to Washington. And that really stinks! Altogether, we’ll be away from each other for 17 days, the longest time we’ve been separated by far. And I just miss him so much! I know some couples have it much, much harder . . . men and women who are in the military, travel for business, etc., but I’m so happy that this distance thing doesn’t have to be a common thing for us.

Toto, we’re going to Kansas! But first Drew comes back to DC tomorrow evening, and I can’t wait! Because we’re leaving the city in which we met and fell in love, there are several dates we must take. Dinner at our first date place, Bistro d’Oc, a movie at our favorite theater, E Street Cinema, and a stroll through the museums and monuments.

There are also several last (hurray!) things on the wedding to-do list that we need to tick off together. While Drew was away, my mom and I printed and stamped our wedding programs. I beribboned and printed our place cards, finalized our wedding playlist, and wrote out a schedule of events for the wedding rehearsal and the reception so that each will (I hope) run smoothly. I also trolled around the city like a tourist taking pictures of the special moments in our relationship. We’re going to print these photos in black and white and place one at each table at our reception. For instance, one of our tables will be named “First Kiss” and will be accompanied by a picture taken from a grove of trees looking out on the Washington Monument. Yep, that’s where it happened! Another will be “I like you” with a photo of IHOP. Drew told me he liked me at the International House of Pancakes one late night.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not all hard work. This is perhaps the only time in my life I’ll not feel guilty about getting waxed, highlighted, manicured, and pedicured, buying good waterproof mascara, and also spending quality time lying by the pool (in the name of a good tan) all in the same week. Actually, I do feel a bit guilty. . .

But when Drew gets back, we need to finalize the seating arrangements, write notes to our wedding party and wrap their presents, figure out a few reception logistics (music speakers, getaway car), prepare for our French honeymoon, and pack for the wedding and honeymoon! We hit the road for Nashville Wednesday morning.

Wow, I can’t believe we’re nearly there! I’ll be writing through the week to let you all know how this last week goes.


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