Eleni Engaged: The First Dance

Eleni and Ron find a song worth dancing to.

I arrived at work on Monday morning (yes, us folks in Philadelphia had to work on Monday and Tuesday), bleary-eyed and bee-lining it to the kitchen for coffee, when I overheard my boss telling a coworker about the trials and tribulations of choosing her wedding date. Of course, whenever I hear the word “wedding,” my ears perk up. So I moseyed over, and she filled me in on how she’s trying to decide between a September and a December wedding date.

This type of random wedding chitchat is common practice for the two of us because we work on the same account and are both planning 2009 weddings. We were in Atlantic City (site of my bachelorette party in March) last weekend for a meeting, and we passed much of the down time engaged in wedding chatter.

So we’re talking as I’m filling my coffee mug and she looks at me suddenly and says, “Hey, your wedding is right around the corner.”

Oh, right. That really crept up on me. It still feels like I just got engaged!

Because the wedding will be here before we know it, and because I can only be in DC on the weekends, it’s time to start seriously planning ahead. I’ve already made appointments for my first fitting (my dress finally arrived) and the food tasting.

Looking ahead, there are still a lot of decisions to be made, such as favors, wedding-party gifts, centerpieces, and bouquets. One thing Ron and I were having a hard time finalizing was our first dance. We don’t have “a song.” Is that weird? Do most couples have a song?

A few weeks ago, we decided to ask our friends for song suggestions. One friend suggested “To Make You Feel My Love,” which I liked a lot, but Ron wasn’t really on board (his exact reaction was, “Sure, if you like it,” which wasn’t really the enthusiasm level I was hoping for). Another friend suggested “The Way You Look Tonight,” which Ron liked, but I was less than thrilled with it.

So there was no resolution on the song until the other night in the car. We had my iPod plugged in, playing on random when the song “Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry” by Darlene Love came on. I’m used to hearing it because it’s been on my computer since freshman year of college; my roommate and I downloaded it on Napster once we discovered a mutual love for the movie Father of the Bride.

I’m not sure if Ron had ever heard the song before, or knew how much I loved it, but he looked at me, smiled and said, “We should dance to this song.”

I immediately loved the idea. Cheesy? Maybe. But at the very least it’ll be something different. My next thought was, are we actually going to be able to dance to this song? It’s fairly upbeat, definitely not the kind of song you can just sway to. I think in order to pull it off, we’d have to take dancing lessons.

Ron and I taking a dance class together? I’m laughing already.


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