Mom of the Bride: Making Our List and Checking It Twice

Amanda and Tiffany use their wedding-planning lull to make headway on their to-do list.

Tiffany told me a month or so ago that she had read that many brides-to-be experience a lull in the middle of the wedding-planning process. At the outset, there’s hustle associated with finding the venue and vendors. Toward the end, there’s bustle around the last-minute details. Tiffany wanted to be sure that we took full advantage of the lull and marked some items off our list that didn’t have to wait until the end. So, aside from celebrating Christmas, what have we done with our lull?

The gown is done but for a few small tweaks. Tiffany designed it and selected the finest Italian silk satin, and my mom custom-made it—it’s far more gorgeous than anything she tried on in bridal shops. Tiffany’s maid of honor is very tiny, and we’ve had a hard time finding a dress to fit her that doesn’t look like something a flower girl should wear. So we’re now considering having my mom build the two bridesmaid dresses. I hope she also has time to make my dress.

We ordered the invitations. That was a learning process for me. Did you know that you use a comma before “Junior” but not before “III” in a man’s name? And it’s considered good luck to have the wedding on the half hour instead of the top of the hour. We were fortunate to work with someone very knowledgeable and helpful as we designed the invitation. She educated us on the most formal wording and form, and then she allowed us the freedom to insert our own style as desired. The proof was gorgeous, and I’m eager to see the finished product.

When it came time to select an officiant for the ceremony, Tiffany looked to the list of clergy provided by the venue. I suggested she ask my aunt and uncle who live nearby if their minister would perform the ceremony. In either case, it was going to be a stranger officiating, so Tiffany and Mike asked my brother, Casey, to perform the ceremony, and he agreed.

I think the photographer is the most important vendor of the day. Of course you want everything to be wonderful, but when the guests have forgotten how great the food was and the kids have stopped talking about the shark tank, you’re left with photographs. Tiffany found a photographer and met with her in November. She’s enthusiastic, passionate, and of course she has a beautiful portfolio of work. Most important, she has photographed events at this location. The venue is an aquarium, and because it’s dark, it could be tricky to photograph.

We’ve made great progress and used our lull wisely, but plenty remains on our to-do list.

We’ve selected the caterer but not the menu. And we still need a DJ. My brother will officiate, but the vows need to be written. The invitations are ordered, but we need a calligrapher. The bride’s gown is done, but the bridesmaids need frocks.

Gathering with family and friends over the Christmas holiday was wonderful. But now that the celebrating and festivities are behind us, we’ll get back to the fun of wedding planning.


Amanda, a local mother of the bride, writes occasionally about helping to plan her daughter's wedding, which will be in the spring. To read about her adventures from the beginning, click here.

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