Mom of the Bride: Three Months to Go

Amanda has three months, one spreadsheet, and a can-do attitude.

In three short months, we’ll have a wedding. It’s hard to believe that it’s that close. There’s still plenty to do, but I feel that we’re in pretty good shape. Here’s our timeline for some of the bigger tasks:

• Early March: I’ll go to my mom’s for the weekend, and she and I will address the invitations. (We decided against calligraphy, and Mom and I have been practicing our loopty-loop script.)
• Late March: Tiffany, her future mother-in-law (shout out to Debbie!), and I will make a trip to North Carolina to finalize details with vendors.
• Early April: Mail the invitations.
• Late April: Our friends are throwing Tiffany a shower.
• Early May: Get a final head count.
• Late May: I gain a son! 

It all feels very manageable to me. I’ve approached my portion of the planning the way I handle any project—methodically and with extreme organization. I have a spreadsheet with seven tabs in it. These are the tabs:

• To-do: Items are added as quickly as they’re completed and checked off.
• Guests and addresses: It has grown nearly as much as the to-do list.
• Vendor contact information.
• Budget: Budget shmudget!
• Flowers.
• Seating chart.
• Music: Tiffany will have a harpist for the ceremony and appetizer hour and a DJ for dinner and dancing. We’ve asked family and friends to tell us of any sentimental favorites they’d like to hear at the reception.

As long as I keep my spreadsheet updated and keep my contracts and vendor information organized in my file, my mind is clear. I know what’s on the horizon and can wrap my mind around it.

The to-do page of my spreadsheet designates the person responsible for each item on the list. There has been some shifting of duties as we’ve moved through the process. When I’ve sensed that Tiffany is overwhelmed with too many items, I try to alleviate some of her stress by taking a task or two from her. She has tried to do so much on her own. Planning a wedding definitely takes a village. Fortunately, family and friends are eager to help and be involved.

My sister, Tomme, offered to find us a beach house because we’ll have 15 to 20 people throughout the week. She found the best house ever—and with that detail tied up, I’ve started to get really excited.

With three months to go, I feel things are under control. I’ll let you know how things are when we have two months and one month to go.


Amanda, a local mother of the bride, writes occasionally about helping to plan her daughter's wedding, which will be in the spring. To read about her adventures from the beginning, click here.

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