Marriage and Lisa Marie: The Perfect Fit

It’s ready, set, go for Lisa Marie’s wedding dress.

On Wednesday night, I tried on my dress for the last time before my wedding day. It’s a pretty daunting feeling! This was my final fitting with famous seamstress Angie Cavallaro, and she had transformed my off-the-rack dress from the Filene’s Basement Running of the Brides event into a custom-fitted dream that exceeded all my expectations.

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve had three fittings with Angie, although I had to book them far in advance to ensure I got an appointment. Angie is an internet sensation among Washington brides-to-be; check any message board or review site for wedding seamstresses and you’ll find Angie at the top of the list. She’s reasonably priced, incredibly friendly, and absolutely understands the inner workings of the bride-to-be’s psyche. Even though you know she’s seen hundreds of dresses in her career, she makes you feel like your dress is the most amazing garment that she has ever seen.

Every woman has little quirks that she doesn’t like about her body, and I’m definitely no exception. Just last night as I was examining every inch of my body in my dress, I scowled at the mirror when I noticed my back looked a little chubby when I stood a certain way. My mother and maid of honor, who were both there to learn how to tie my bustle properly, said I was being crazy and that there wasn’t anything to notice. But Angie quietly came over, adjusted a few things, and all of a sudden my back looked perfect. My mother laughed and said it was all in my head, and she could absolutely be right. But that minor change made all the difference to me, and it made me so thankful that I had been one of the lucky ones to secure Angie as my seamstress.

After staring in the mirror for ten minutes, it was time to step out of the dress. Angie will keep it at her place, giving it the final steam before we pick it up two days before the wedding. As I fought my way out of the crinoline, I commented how unbelievable it is to spend so much time and effort on a garment you wear only once. Always the problem solver, Angie quickly answered that she frequently turns wedding gowns into christening outfits later in a bride’s life. While I don’t anticipate any need for a christening gown in the near future, it’s nice to know that this amazing dress can have a second purpose. But for the next month, it’ll stay in Angie’s care, waiting for its big debut on our wedding day.

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