Ask the Experts: The Hair Maestro

Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson gives brides wedding-day tips for hair, makeup, and more.

Ted Gibson, owner and stylist
Ted Gibson salon & hela spa, Chevy Chase

Have brides begun to think of their wedding day as a red-carpet moment? Oh, absolutely. That’s why shows like Bridezilla and Say Yes to the Dress are so popular. It is an important day, so try to feel comfortable having everyone’s eyes on you. Confidence is a star’s greatest asset.

Should a bride consult her hairdresser about makeup and jewelry, too? It certainly can’t hurt. Anytime I’m doing wedding hair, I want to see the total package. Great special-occasion hair starts with the neckline of the dress. Makeup and jewelry have to work with the hair.

Should brides try to mimic a particular red-carpet style? It’s always fun to have a bride bring in a photograph of a star whose look they admire. But you don’t want to look trendy, so don’t do anything drastic before the wedding! Go to the same person you’ve been going to, the same person who understands you and your hair. Make sure you have your trial—have two trials if you need them. Everyone needs to know exactly what they’re going to do that day.

Is having a good relationship with your hairstylist super important? You should find the person who “gets” you. I know many hairdressers who don’t like to do weddings. That’s not who you want. You should have full and complete trust that your hairdresser will make you feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Any new trends in color for brides? Work with your stylist on having really shiny, healthy-looking hair rather than focusing so much on color. If you’re a fall/winter bride, go for color that has a rich, multi-dimensional tone. Don’t do highlights that are too contrasting.

Big, prom-looking wedding hair feels over these days. I agree. Brides can wear their hair up, but if you’re putting these ugly, round sausage rolls on top of your head, that’s not modern. You want to look sexy, approachable, and pretty on your wedding day. Also, think about how your hair will look in your pictures 20 years from now. Trust me, less really is more.

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