Cherry Blossom Ketubahs

Gorgeous versions of the Jewish marriage contract with a nod to DC’s favorite bloom

Jewish marriage contracts, or ketubahs, are usually signed before the wedding ceremony, but they are meant to hang in a couple’s home for years to follow—so it’s important to find one that truly fits your style. Since we have a feeling some of you may be incorporating cherry blossoms into your wedding décor, we scoured the Web for the loveliest cherry-blossom-themed ketubahs we could find. Even if you’re not Jewish, many of these can be translated into English and used as a memento of your wedding day:

Cherry Blossom Ketubahs 1

1. Falling Blossoms Ketubah by Stephanie Caplan, $300,

2. Sprigs Canopy Ketubah by Jennifer Raichman, $200,

Cherry Blossom Ketubahs 2

3. Cherry Trees Ketubah by Jessica Kraft, from $200,

4. Cherry Blossoms Ketubah by Tsilli Pines, from $395,

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