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November 2013 Contents: Then & Now

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November 2013 Volume 49, Number 2

Cover Story

Then & Now

In the 1960s, there was no Metro, everyone loved Hot Shoppes, and top rock acts performed at an Alexandria roller rink. Here’s a look back at what’s changed since then—and what’s stayed the same.
Edited by Jessica Voelker


Angel Is Airborne

Aboard Air Force One—during one of the country’s most searing, perilous moments—a government was formed and a presidency began. By Garrett M. Graff

“Ask Not”

President Kennedy’s call to government service still inspires idealistic, educated young Americans to join the federal ranks—only to be vilified, furloughed, or ignored. Can we create a workplace worthy of JFK’s challenge to the brightest and the best? By Hannah Seligson

Business Hall of Fame Four leaders who have made a mark on their enterprises and community.

Capital Comment

Why the shutdown didn’t help your commute . . . Cathing up with Virginia Libertarian Rob Sarvis . . . Cameos for TV anchors abound . . . A new Affordable Care Act “navigator” for DC . . . On the Horizon: happenings, rumors, and more.

Where & When

Cyndi Lauper at the Warner . . . Elvis Costello at Lisner . . . A new take on Miss Julie at the Lansburgh . . . Sister Act at the KenCen . . . Washington Ballet’s Giselle . . . Maurice Hines taps at Arena . . . National Press Club authors’ night.


Change Agent City planner Harriet Tregoning is making DC bigger, greener, and maybe taller. Never Again How security at Dealey Plaza—site of JFK’s murder—would be different today. Washington Read Nine books about Kennedy. Unshared History An amateur photographer’s long-lost images of a President’s funeral. Scoring the Conspiracies Who killed JFK? Most Powerful Women 117 of the area’s most influential—including 53 newcomers.


Timeless Style Jacqueline Kennedy had impeccable taste. What would she wear now? Glory Days Four Washingtonians reminisce about private high school in the ’50s and ’60s.Badge of Honor JFK thought Americans had gone “soft.” Soon kids were doing more pushups.


Classics Revisited Fifteen restaurants that have withstood the test of time. Plus—where to find delicious flashback dishes.


Before the White House A peek at where our Presidents lived—and how those places look today. Streamlined Style More than a dozen ways to bring midcentury design into your home. Best of Middleburg Scenery and horses aren’t the only reasons to visit this Virginia town. Luxury Homes John W. Marriott III’s $4.4-million sale. Pus—a $7.4-million jaw dropper in Great Falls. The Unknowable JFK’s death marked a triumph of the information age—and revealed its limitations.